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My first Colourpop order!

Ahh I've finally got some Colourpop in my life! It's been so hard resisting making an order for the past few months, seeing everyone else playing with their amazing eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks. I thought I would save mine as a present for Christmas so it was extra special, so my boyfriend placed the order (and paid the customs) as one of my gifts.
I think this was one of my favourite presents, although I did get spoilt with lots of amazing things from everyone, just because it was so anticipated. The shipping and customs would always put me off placing an order, but I desperately wanted some of their palettes!

The first thing I chose was a no-brainer - the I Think I Love You palette. I feel like this was made for me with all the variations of matte and shimmer brown shades, plus a matte black which I do always appreciate in a palette. The rose gold packaging is just the cherry on the cake with this, it's so pretty!
More recently I saw the Dream St. palette by Kathleen Lights in a couple of her YouTube videos and I just loved how the shades looked altogether. I think it's such a beautiful combination of colours and I really wanted to try those greens! I love the rose gold shades in there and the bottom left green one especially. This has a rose gold marble effect on the packaging too which is so photogenic.

I didn't want to go OTT and pick the whole shop (although I could of) so I moved onto lip products. I wasn't really sure which formula was going to be for me so I chose a couple of trios to test them out. I got the Just Peachy set which contains 3 peachy-nude shades, 2 of which are in the Ultra-Matte formula; Instigator and Speed Dial and 1 Ultra-Satin; Screenshot. They all looked wearable and my kind of shades, and so far I really like them on too.
I then got the Strawberries & Cream mini set (which is now not on the website for me to link) containing 1 of each formula: Ultra-Matte; Shorty, Ultra-Satin; Echo Park, and Ultra-Glossy; Fairy Floss. Again these nude-brown shades looked like my everyday kind of shades and I wanted to test out each formula. I wasn't really sure I was going to like gloss but it's actually the one I've been reaching for the most.

I've had a little use of everything and so far I'm loving how foiled the shadows look on, they're so shimmery and metallic looking. Some shadows are really pigmented however and others not as much. I also expected to prefer the matte lip formulas the most but it's actually the opposite. I'm mostly enjoying the satin and gloss formulas, maybe because I'm not used to them as I'm always wearing matte lipsticks.

Colourpop has definitely lived up to its hype so far and I'm so pleased I finally have some things, but of course I now want more! My order totalled to just over $50 (around £38) with everything being on offer at the time, so I qualified for free overseas shipping but there was a £16 customs charge at the post office. I would definitely say it's worth it so far, but obviously a larger order is more beneficial than numerous smaller ones.

What's on your Colourpop Wishlist?

Cally x

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