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Low budget things to do this Valentines Day

Anyone else think Valentine's Day is a pointless and glorified day but feel the need to participate in it anyway? Yeah same. This year my boyfriend and I have decided no cards or presents but we will go out for a romantic meal at some point, as we always do anyway regardless. It got me thinking of some ideas for some low budget things to do in the comfort of your own home.

Bring the restaurant to you
Eating at a fancy restaurant isn't cheap so why not take some time to research a meal you might of chosen to eat in a restaurant and make it yourself. Italian is always a classic and pasta is a winner! You could even attempt a 3 course meal. Get a nice bottle of wine (or drink of choice) and set the scene with some music. You will save yourself having to get dressed up too, not to mention the money.

Make cocktails 
Drinking at home is always different than in a bar. You will usually pick up something easy like a bottle of wine opposed to some tasty cocktails you would get if you were out. Get a few ingredients in to make your own, get some straws, mini umbrellas and even get yourself a cheap cocktail shaker if you're feeling extra fancy. There are plenty of ideas over on Pinterest if you're stuck for creative ideas.

Play games
This is always a good way of having a bit of fun in your own home. Trivial pursuit is a favourite and I've actually got a Harry Potter edition (nerd) but there are lots of other variations availabile on Amazon etc. I usually put a table in the middle of the room, light some candles, pour a drink and get some snacks. It's a good way to spend some quality time together and have a laugh (and get competitive).

Enjoy some you time
I personally look forward to having an evening or even a day to myself, as it doesn't happen that often. If you know you're going to be on your own this Valentine's, use the time to take care of you and put on a face mask, paint your nails, get your favourite magazine, cook your favourite meal or bake your favourite cake. Indulge in all of your favourite things and remind yourself what makes you the happiest.

Do you have any low budget ideas for Valentines Day?

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