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Favourite Blogs, Instagram & YouTube accounts | Updated!

Something a little different today, I thought I would take some time to appreciate and talk about some of my favourite accounts from Blogs, to Instagram to YouTube. I first did one of these posts quite some time ago so these are my up to date, current favourites, all of which inspire me daily with my own blog!


Sophie's Makeup
First up is this insanely pretty and creative blog ran by Sophie. I love the feminine quality to every blog post and photo, each one is full of imagination and creativity. Every post is paired with an eye catching image featuring makeup and accessories that makes you just have to read on. I also admire her writing technique as each post feels like a little diary or to-do list. One of my favourite and most inspiring blogs to read (and look at).

The Makeup Directory
A blog I really admire for the use of photography is this one by Sally O'Kelly. It's a blog that reaches out to just about anyone as there's always a nice balance between high and low end products being talked about. The photos are always set up professionally, keeping you interested with pops of colour and patterns. She keeps things varied and never has a dull post!

Next up is Gemma's blog. Her posts are always filled with enviable products but are really informative with beautiful swatches. I love Gemma's photography in particular - bright white, crisp photos with nothing too distracting going on, simple yet effective. She also gives me major eyeshadow envy and I love reading about what eye products she uses.

Pint Sized Beauty
This blog ran by Lily is one I admire for the variation in posts from girly fashion picks, to homeware and stationery to beauty and lifestyle. Everything is covered but is put together so well. Her photography is girly, playful but professional looking. I trust in her posts as she seems to know what she's talking about, ha!


I had to include Sophie's Instagram account in here as well as I'm a really big fan of her photography. As well as the perfectly placed flatlays for blog posts there's also cute dressing table snaps, pretty food and plenty of girly items. I like how she mixes it up a little and doesn't post just makeup products in each photo as that's what I try to do.
Although Lauren frequently reminds people that Instagram isn't real life and hers isn't what it seems, it seems pretty good from where I'm sitting! Her account is full of enviable cakes (of which she makes herself - extra points), girly products and cosy nights in. I love a bit of creativity and she really does make an effort for her photos.

Crumbs and Doilies
Although I've never been to any of them I follow a lot of cute cake shops just to admire their creations. One of my favourites is this one based in London which I'd love to visit! The photos definitely advertise them well as they are creative and well-styled. you can expect to see plenty of tasty bakes, pretty frosting and eye-pleasing colours.

Janes Patisserie
As I love looking at cakes and bakes so much this is the perfect account for me to drool over. Jane makes amazing things from fudge to brownies to cheesecake. I've actually followed one of her recipes on oreo brownies before and they turned out to be the nicest brownies ever! If I ever need ideas for something to bake, this is the place I will come to.

Although I don't own or have never tried anything from Makeup Geek (but really want to) I still follow them as I just love the makeup looks they share! They are a well talked about and respected makeup brand who are creative, fun and professional. I admire the effort put into being creative and imaginative on their Instagram account.


Probably my favourite YouTube channel to watch at the moment as she's incredibly talented with makeup and also versatile in creating different looks. I find watching her very calming as she makes everything look so effortless. She has only been on YouTube for a little over a year but I admire her talent so much. I also envy her makeup-less face and lovely fair skin!

I always go to Jaclyn Hills channel when I want some ideas for bold, full glam makeup as she's probably the queen of it. She's really down to earth and fun to watch and doesn't make you want to skip parts to get to the point which I find myself doing a lot. When I think of Jaclyn's videos I think of amazing makeup tutorials as well as a bit of entertainment.

This channel is ran by Em Ford and I find it most relatable as I'm also fair skinned and have blemish prone skin. There's plenty of tutorials on skincare, how to cover acne, and drugstore products for pale skin which I find very useful. She actually got me in to using La Roshe-Posay products (along with the blogging community) for my skin and I'm thankful for that.

The most recent YouTuber I've got into watching is Kathleen. She's so down to earth, very informative about products and isn't afraid to say when she doesn't like something. Her videos are mainly makeup tutorials which include a lot of drugstore products. She's recently released an eyeshadow palette collaboration with Morphe and it looks amazing.

Do you enjoy any of these accounts?