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Drugstore Starter Kit for Beginners

The thought of what products to buy for your face can be very daunting for some. So many different types of products for different things and which brand to go with? Which is the best and which will I like etc etc.
I've sectioned into categories my take on the perfect drugstore starter kit - for beginners. I've also thrown in some other recommendations and similar products that I know are of similar performance or that I've heard good reviews on. The range in price goes from £3.50-£12.99 so it is a really affordable line up. Enjoy!


Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette | £8
For the price I've never owned a palette so worth its money while at the same time giving you more than what you paid for. With this palette you can create simple looks using the matte shades, something slightly more pretty using the satin and shimmer shades as well as bold colourful looks with the range of pinks, golds, reds and blues included. There are a few neutral brown/silver toned shades which I think are lovely used alone for an everyday look but when blended with a darker shade through the crease look really impressive. Overall this is a really good starter palette to practice and improve your eyeshadow skills with, as well as experimenting with what colours you like together or suit most. There are also smaller palettes available from the Iconic Range which are slightly more basic and neutral plus even half the price.

This felt liner is a must have for anyone wanting a winged liner on a budget. The tip isn't too thin so it's really easy to use even if you aren't the best at it, plus it doesn't get messy like gel liners can. The thicker tip also helps for quick application, as a more precise tip can take quite a while to perfect. This is a really good eyeliner to start with to practice and perfect your technique then once you are comfortable opt for a more precise liner.

If you are constantly changing mascaras or feel like the one you use is just average then you have to try this. This has been compared to the higher end mascara Benefit Roller Lash and has a very similar curved shaped wand. I can't recommend this enough for anyone wanting that full curled lash effect and is just a great all rounder for everyone beginner or not.

NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade |£5.50
A good starter product to get into shaping your brows is a pomade as it's a convenient and creamy formula. With this it is ready for you in a pot to just dip your brush in and apply how you wish. It's also buildable so can be as light or as dark as you desire - really good for practicing that ombré eyebrow effect. Another from NYX is the Eyebrow Gel which is in a tube as it's a waterproof formula. A little harder to remove but it still glides on as easy and will stay put all day - even through a shower.


The true match range is really good for people who may struggle to find a drugstore foundation which suits their skin tone well and looks natural on the skin. As it blends so well on the skin you won't have a problem with this clinging to areas or masking your face, but do make sure to set your under eyes with this! I've now recommended this foundation to both my Nanna and my Mum and they both really like it. This is definitely one to try if you don't require much coverage, especially during summer for a lightweight, light-medium coverage base. 

For a slightly fuller coverage and longer lasting option this is a great choice - especially the one for combination/oily skin as its semi matte. The coverage is really good and like the true match range, the shade range is pretty accurate too with plenty of choice from pink to yellow toned. This is a good foundation to try full face makeup looks with as its quite heavy in comparison.

For anyone who requires a little more coverage or just likes the full coverage look then this is the perfect concealer and the best (in my opinion) across the drugstore range. If you are fair skinned like myself then the colour ' CW01 Porcelain' would be the best option - it's more towards the pink side on the skin although it looks slightly yellow in the tube. This is a really good concealer to practice your highlighting / contouring as I said it's got a good coverage and is super highlighting - especially if it's a couple of shades lighter than your foundation / skin tone. Another highly talked about concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which has great reviews.

This is a no brainier for an affordable pressed powder as it does everything you need it to. You can opt for a translucent shade (which isn't entirely translucent) or one with a slight colour to it from yellow to pink tones. Getting a translucent powder will help to highlight and brighten and a coloured one will add more coverage.

Another item good for starting out contouring and highlighting is a 3-in-1 palette. I'm not a full contour lover myself but I do use bronzer to define my cheek bones and the sides of my face and find its a really easy and quick way to achieve the whole contoured look. This also includes a highlight shade which is really pigmented - really good for the inner corners of your eyes and brow bones to open the eyes right up. And to make everything easier and altogether there's a blush shade which is quite pink but there's also some darker alternative versions with some of these palettes - the one I have is 'C01'. A few other highly rated ones include Sleek Face Form and Rimmel Sculpting Palette by Kate.

Soap & Glory Peach Party | £11
Shimmer and highlight products are the rage right now and this compact shimmer brick has everything you need in it for a fresh peachy glow. I also highly rate the Solar Powder Bronzer and Love at First Blush as it does it all for you in one little compact. I also recommend the Wonderbronze for an effortless bronzed highlight but I'm yet to try this myself to comment on its performance. Similarly, the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette is a similar product in the sense that it's all in one with the blush and highlight which is extremely handy.


A highly rated and really affordable lipstick I recommend is the lasting finish range by Kate Moss for Rimmel. The shade range is so extensive I highly doubt you will find a colour you don't like or suit and there are similar shades to popular high end lipsticks such as Mac. The lovely creamy formula makes it easy and comfortable to wear and you can get experimental from nudes to bold.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | £5.50
Another popular and equally as diverse lip product is this liquid to matte cream. This is a great way to try out if you like or suit a matte lip as the formula is really soft and easy to apply on its own without any other tools or brushes. The shade range is very large and goes from nude to pink to reds and purples. A small and handy product to carry around with a professional finish.

What products would you recommend in a drugstore starter kit?