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How to achieve a flawless base

Achieving a flawless base isn't nessecarily in the products you use but finding the right products for your skin. I assume that a lot of people would relate the term 'flawless base' to full coverage, high end foundations and concealers but that isn't always the case.

The key to creating the most natural and flawless base for you is to work with your skin and to figure out its do's and don'ts. For example if you don't require much coverage then you don't necessarily require a full coverage foundation but maybe a concealer. The worst thing you can do is use too many unessecary products that you may not need and build up layers on your skin. The aim is to look as natural and imperfection-free as possible without looking 'cakey'.

Here are some steps I always follow to perfect my base:

Step 1

If you suffer from dry or flakey skin then the first step is to ensure everything is as smooth as possible. Exfoliate, moisturise, prep and prime. Even if you have spots and/or uneven skin the main thing is that your complexion is smooth to touch, as anything flaking or peeling will become unsightly under your makeup base - believe me.

Step 2 -

Once fully primed, any redness or discolouration should be corrected either with a coloured or a standard concealer. As mentioned, unless the areas are smooth then this step will only enhance any dry areas throughout the day. Apply a small amount of concealer and dab into the skin with a damp beauty blender.

Step 3 -

Apply a suitable foundation in a thin layer and if more coverage is required then go in with a second. This way you aren't over-applying and building up unnecessary coverage. Using a damp beauty blender will help to blend the foundation naturally and distribute evenly.

Step 4 -

A brightening concealer blended under the eyes will help to bring the complexion together. It isn't necessary but it can also be applied down the nose, on the chin and below the cheek bones for a full face.

Step 5 -

The best way to stay flawless all day is to set with powder. A loose powder is more pigmented and effective when applied directly onto the concealed areas. I find that the best way is to press in with a beauty blender and leave for a couple of minutes before dusting the excess off with a fluffy brush.

Step 6 -

Apply any last steps you may need such as bronzer, blush and highlight then set with a setting spray. A dewy spray will freshen and hydrate the skin where as a matte would hold and lock in moisture - either would achieve a flawless base but I prefer a mattifying one to keep oil at bay.

I find using these steps my makeup can last around 12 hours and still manage to look just as good - even though I don't have the most smooth or even skin in the world. As long as you are using the right products and tools to perfect your technique I think it is easily achievable!

What do you find is the best way to achieve a flawless base?