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Lips | Nude Pinks

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to lips. I steer away from reds and purples as I don't really suit them and the dark shades aren't really my thing.
I always find myself veering towards the same shades every time, even when I attempt to try something different - I'm always getting home and realising I already have a shade similar!
That being said, this just has to be my favourite kind of colour on my lips as it's the perfect balance between pink and nude; not too bright but not too dull either.

Here are some swatches of my favourites:

From top to bottom;

I love this colour and it's deep purple undertones as it suits my skin tone well. It's my favourite from the Lasting Finish range as it's really bold when layered up and works well with a lot of eye looks. It's also got really good lasting power!

This shade is a little more pink and vibrant, but still fairly neutral. I like to use this colour when I've got minimal eye products on as it compliments it nicely and stands out. As you can tell it's highly pigmented and applies really smoothly.

Kiko Velvet Mat | Shade 602
A little more neutral in comparison, this is the perfect shade for day or night wear - I find it really versatile. It feels a little dry on your lips but it doesn't look it whatsoever. It's one of the best in terms of staying power for me!

This is one of the more nude colours from the Soft Matte Lip Cream range along with a few others. It has brown undertones but is still slightly pink and makes for the perfect nude lip! This has to be my favourite shade from the NYX collection and I use it regularly.

This is my most recent lipstick and probably the most nude shade I've got. The colour is perfect to use alone without looking too flat but also works well over a deeper brown toned lip liner. I love the quality of the Kate Moss lipsticks and they aren't drying what so ever.

Do you find yourself opting for similar colours when it comes to lips?