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Sensitive skin | Ingredients to avoid

So recently I've been getting a bit technical and started reading about what's actually in the products I'm using and whether or not the ingredients are potentially harmful to my sensitive skin. I've sort of come to a revelation that what's in my makeup actually may not be good for me, and I need to be more weary of what I'm putting on my skin.

I've done a lot of research online in regards to products and what they use to make them so appealing. The main culprit being Dimethicone (going to get technical and boring now) which is a silicone included in pretty much all products, but not absolutely everything. This is an ingredient which makes the product smooth and silky, therefore making it easy to apply to the skin which is great for brands as they can advertise their products as being 'super blendable!'. This ingredient is mainly found in Primers and Foundations (as well as skincare creams and gels etc) but small amounts can also be found in powders such as eyeshadow and setting powders. Although this isn't a particularly 'harmful' ingredient I have read on various websites including paulaschoice.co.uk and makeupalley.com that it's not great to use if you have blemish or acne prone skin, as it builds a barrier over your skin trapping in any oil, sweat & bacteria.

It has not been proven that makeup causes acne and I don't believe it does, but what's included in the ingredients could potentially be harmful to people with sensitive skin. I love wearing makeup and I never go a day without so reading about this was a bit disheartening but encouraged me to make a change in my routine.
As well as Dimethicone, there were quite a few other ingredients listed to avoid if you are a certain skin type. After going through most of my makeup and skincare products which I use the most, I found that the same ingredients were cropping up that were advised to avoid: 

Isostearyl Isostearate or Neopentanoate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Laureth 4
Sodium Chloride 

These I mainly found in my primers, foundations, setting spray, some powders, face creams and washes. I did have a few skincare products which didn't contain any of the (massive) list of ingredients to avoid but not a huge amount.
Now if you have skin which falls under the 'normal' category then you needn't worry about any of the above, as none of the ingredients are harmful, just not recommended for sensitive skin.

Of course I (and everyone else in the world) would really like beautiful flawless skin but I don't think I'll be able to achieve that while wearing the makeup I am after reading about this. So I did plenty more research into primers and foundations (mainly products that will be on my face) and figured the majority of them include Dimethicone as their first or second ingredients. There are a few brands however which include smaller amounts in certain products and are dermatologically tested and specifically formulated for sensitive, blemish and acne prone skin. A few brands which promote this are:

Bare Minerals
La Roche-Posay
Purr Cosmetics
Laura Mercier
Cover fx

Unfortunately there's not a great deal, but your skin may not even react to Dimethicone - it could be any alcohol included in products that might affect you most, and that's an easier one to avoid. The main products alcohol or menthol is used in is skincare products; setting sprays, cleansing waters, toners, creams, lotions and face wash - basically all aqua/water based products.
I actually found that in my Clean and Clear face wash there was traces of alcohol as well as a couple of the ingredients which were advised to avoid. Since stopping using it I have noticed a change and a decrease in redness of my skin. At the moment I'm just going to use a face scrub every other day to see what effect it has on my complexion.

I've now adjusted my current routine to just a few products; Simple MoisturiserNivea Sensitive Micellar Water, La Roche-Posay skin evening cream and occasionally Body Shop Aloe Gel but that's it as I know these products are okay for me. I will also be cutting primer out of my routine which I don't know how I feel about but it just might be that which my skin doesn't like.
As for makeup, I've ordered the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation and the Setting Powder recommended to use along with it from FeelUnique.com. These are actually reduced right now so this is the best price to get them at if you are wanting them yourself. I've also ordered the Effaclar Duo and Spring Thermal Water Spray and I'm just going to stick with these products for a few weeks and see how it goes.

Hopefully this is the beginning to perfect skin and I'll keep you updated on any tips, advise and of course my progress and recommendations.

Do you suffer with sensitive skin? What do you do to avoid ingredients (if any at all)?