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Spring Picks

Zoeva En Taupe eyeshadow palette | BeautyBay £15.50

I really want to get my hands on a Zoeva palette since the recent release of the spectrum collection. I've chosen this for its soft pastel colours, making a perfect everyday palette for this spring. It's also one of the least expensive palettes as it has 5 less shades than the larger ones which are priced at £28.50.

This is a really good product to mix in with foundation for a shimmery glow to the skin. I have done this before with Benefits high beam and it's a similar colour to this one - perfect for paler complexions! It's also good to use as a highlight on the cheek and brow bones.

Obviously we all want to look glowing and radiant this spring and I've heard good things about this product. I am a Makeup Revolution fan as their powders are so pigmented, it's also been compaired to the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter.

Nike Stealth Air Max | Asos £95

I've recently developed a thing for grey and I'm on the hunt for some new trainers for the spring/summer. I love the monocoloured style - makes them look so clean and stylish!

This is a very 90's piece of jewellery with the choker and the rustic/western themed embellishment but I love the simplicity of it - would go nicely with a gypsy style dress and boots.

Boots | Boohoo £30

All I seem to wear is boots, they are a good all rounder through Autumn to spring and I love the colour of these opposed to the typical black or brown. I can picture these going nicely with some fitted jeans and statement bag!

Dress | Asos £35

I love the shape and pattern of this, as well as fresh colours! I always get my dresses from Asos they always have the nicest styles.

Lounge wear set | Boohoo £18

I've been wanting a set like this for a couple of months, maybe it's something to want in the winter but who doesn't like to be comfy in their own home?! Plus it's quite leight weight and a pretty pink colour so I'll pass it off as a spring thing.

Zoeva En Taupe brushes | BeautyBay £36.95

Something I really need to invest in is some decent brushes and I just love all of the Zoeva collections including the rose gold, but I cannot justify spending £50+ on just one set of brushes so here's a slightly cheaper alternative!

What are you after this Spring?