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Favourite Blogs, Instagram & YouTube accounts

Hi everyone! I thought I'd change the subject up a bit from standard beauty posts, so I'm going to share a few blogs/YouTubers/Instagrammers that have inspired me, or that just generally catch my eye and appeal to me more than others do. I personally like to read posts on things I'm currently doing/using/wanting to try myself, a mixture between beauty, tips & how to's, product reviews, skincare, healthy lifestyle and recipes are my favourite. I mainly watch tutorials on specific looks rather than how to contour how to fill in your brows etc as they usually cover absolutely everything if you are watching a decent YouTuber! And with Instagram a pretty picture of anything is always eye catching, I mean, it's not the caption that first draws you in is it?


So firstly one of the first people I started watching on YouTube is Carli Bybel, who does full make up and get ready with me tutorial videos. I found these very useful and got a lot of tips from her. She does very glam 'full face' tutorials perfect for if you need any party inspirations, as well as several hair and outfit tutorials. I still watch her from time to time especially when I need a good glittery eye look!

A similar YouTuber also from the U.S is Jaclyn Hill, doing full face tutorials from easy everyday to full on glam. Most products she uses are high end or just not avaiable to the uk (altough she does do a few drugstore tutorials) but I do enjoy watching what she can do.

Around the same time I was watching videos from Stephanie Lange, which is good for me as she has a similar skin tone. She does a wide variety of looks from neutral and minimal to full face with lashes, liner, contouring & highlighting, the lot. As she's in Australlia a lot of products aren't even availabile here in the uk so I find it hard to be as interested unless it's a specific brand she's discussing.

Another YouTuber I've recently got into is Kaushal Beauty. She makes everything look effortless and looks are mainly minimal but still very glam. She uses a lot of drugstore products in each look so they are more relatable than watching a video full of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent products. I love how natural she makes everything appear. (Bottom left of image)


An Instagram account that stands out for me makeup related is grgctts. She's a make up artist from the uk who also works for Mac. All of her pictures and looks are flawless, she creates full on crisp clean looks, and is especially known for her skills with eye makeup - a real talent! Pure makeup (and hair) envy when looking at this account. (Top middle of image)

One known for its pretty pink pictures is Catherine.mw. If you like all things girly then you'll love this account - pretty much everything that's pink from make up to fashion, food to interiors. A very aesthetic account with eye catching images.

Now if you want to admire someone's beauty so much it makes you feel sick then follow ohmygeeee. She posts flawless makeup looks and includes products used in the description box which is always handy. She also has a YouTube account but I've never actually had a look, that's something I'll definitely have to do.

Now this one is a YouTuber but I don't often watch her videos just stare at her in awe and read what products she's used - Nikkie Tutorials. She uses a lot of popular products such a Mac, Nyx, Too Faced, Makeup Forever and Urban Decay. Again, a lot of which aren't avaiable in the uk but she does have a talent of making herself look flawless! Majority of her looks are bold and dramatic but very pretty. (Bottom right of image)

This is more of a lifestyle account which I love, Wonderful you. She also has a blog and YouTube account. She's one of the faces of Schwarzkopf Live Color (because she has amazing hair) and I've seen her in a few ads in the past.


Onto bloggers, a very popular blogger named Lauren who runs Lauren's Looks. A very down to earth girl from the uk who covers mainly lifestyle, baking, fashion & interior but she does cover beauty as well, but it's not her main subject. I got into her on Instagram, as she takes very pretty pictures and knows how to make everything look flawless! She's probably most known for her cake and cupcake posts. (Bottom middle of image)

When I joined Blog Lovin' (only a few months ago) I discovered Mateja's Beauty Blog, which is full of pretty product pictures, reviews, tips, tricks and in depth posts. The majority of her posts include drugstore products, some of which aren't availabile in the uk as she is from Slovenia, but she also covers some luxury brands and products. (Top right of image)

Another one I find myself reading all the time is Em B. Her posts I find are mainly of popular products and brands, as well as reviews and blogging tips, so they are very interesting to read. I'd say 90% of her posts are on affordable products, made to look very eye catching with her bright & crisp photos. She's only 18 but her blog's looking very professional and seems to be doing well. (Top left of image)

Those are the main people that inspire me at the minute but here a few more worth a read and follow: