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August Beauty Box | Little Known Box

Last month I was thrilled when Little Known Box contacted me about trying their August Beauty Box*. I've never actually tried any subscription boxes before, as there are just so many to choose from, so this is my first experience with one!

Little Known Box, as the name suggests, is made up of smaller, more independent and possibly lesser-known brands which is great for discovering new and upcoming products. Many of their products included are cruelty-free, vegan friendly as well as having natural or organic ingredients. Each month, 5-6 products are included in the box which are based around a theme. They include a mix of full and travel-sized items and generally range from beauty, skincare, haircare and nail products. Some more well known brands can be found in their boxes but they tend to be newly released products that you possibly haven't heard of yet.

The August Beauty Box* is made up of 2 makeup and 3 skincare products, with the theme of scent & colour. I had only ever previously heard of one of the brands included which was Monu Skincare, which I was quite delighted to see in there actually! This is a travel-sized version of the Relaxing Bali body oil, which smells so so good. To me it has a sort of almond scent which reminds me of cakes and I'm definitely okay with that. It feels so relaxing on the skin as it has a slight warming sensation to it as well as the beautiful aromas - perfect for massages!

Also in the box is a decent sized resealable pouch of Radiance Coffee Scrub from the brand Maison Meunier Paris. I've been so curious about coffee scrubs lately so I was chuffed when I saw one in here. This stuff really smells amazing (coming from a non coffee-drinker), with a strong scent of sweet coffee and heavenly hints of vanilla. The scrub itself actually has sugar in it, which explains how it was so exfoliating on the skin. I've used this on 3 different occasions now and each time I've been so impressed with the results, my legs have honestly never felt so smooth. It's perfect for that pre-tan prep which I do on a weekly basis.

Another skincare product included was a bar of Lavender & Essential oil soap from the brand Friendly. I know some people aren't bothered by soaps but I use it to clean my makeup brushes so natural and handmade ones are always well received by me! I'm not really a fan of the scent of Lavendar but I know it has many benefits for soothing and calming skin so I can live with that. It cleans my brushes and sponges perfectly and I feel better knowing no harsh chemicals or ingredients are going to be on my skin.

Onto the makeup products, the first is this 6 shade Eyeshadow pan from Cougar. A brand I'm not familiar with at all but the shades in this are lovely. I've actually been using mine all swirled together as a bronzer (I really like using products for completely different purposes don't I?) and I'm impressed! The shades create a lovely (and quite pigmented!) vibrant copper colour which isn't excessively glittery or shimmery. It will be perfect on the eyes for autumn too with its warm undertones.

Another brand which I was totally unfamiliar with was Saturated Colour. A generous full-sized Lip Vinyl was included in the box in a very vibrant pink shade. The formula is a combination of a liquid lipstick and a gloss, which is not something I personally go for. It has a vanilla scent to it which I do enjoy though! The range of shades are super bright and bold, perfect for those who love a statement lip.

I've discovered some really great, smaller brands in this box and have thoroughly enjoyed trying each one out. I've been particularly fond of the Radiance Coffee Scrub and Relaxing Bali Body Oil for their amazing scents. The box was definitely filled with plenty of scent and colour just as it described. I highly recommend to anyone seeking a cruelty free, natural and organic beauty subscription box as it fits the criteria perfectly. It's also a really good way to support and discover independent brands!

Have you ever tried Little Known Box?

Items marked (*) were sent to me for consideration

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