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The Rose Skincare Edit

Rose-based products have slowly started to become some of my favourites. From rose water to rose hip seed, the scent has naturally soothing properties which is great for all skin types from oily to dry. The natural anti-inflammatory helps to hydrate, repair and restore the skin, which is especially useful for acne, scars, and even eczema. I'm finding myself looking more and more for skincare with rose in it just recently, but here are some which I've already tried, tested and love:

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rose Water
As you can tell, I've loved and used the whole bottle of this but I couldn't not include it in here. The liquid inside was actually pink and it smelt divine. It kind of reminded me of Turkish delight with its sweet and floral rosey notes. This spray is for hydrating and revitalising the face on the go, but can also be used as a makeup setting spray, as well as a toner. I've used it for all of those purposes and I particularly loved the soothing feeling it gave on my makeup-less face. It also did a surprisingly good job at keeping oil at bay too. I think it's a really great multi-use product and it's made me love Mario Badescu even more than I already did!

Garnier Skin Active Naturals Rose Toner
I'm sure you've already heard quite a bit on this new range from Garnier lately, and it's not hard to see why. I chose the rose scent opposed to the others (Aloe, Honey & Green Tea - although I've tried this one too) as I was after something calming and soothing. There's a really delicate scent to it but nothing too strong or overpowering, but you can definitely smell the rose. It's hydrating and refreshing on the skin and also helps to remove any last little traces of makeup. It really did help to soothe my skin and at the time I was using it, I didn't get any nasty or angry spots like I usually would. I'm now on my second bottle as I loved it so much!

Garnier Skin Active Naturals Rose Moisturiser
To go with that, I more recently picked up the rose day cream after really enjoying the toner. It has a slightly stronger rose scent than the toner does but is still really light. It has a lovely creamy consistency and feels (surprisingly) really nourishing on the skin. I find it makes a really good moisturiser to use before makeup application as it makes a super soft and non-greasy base. I'm really suprised at how much I like this product as moisturisers never seem to woo me!

The Ordinary Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
This is my most recent rose-based purchase. I've never actually tried any rose hip oil of any sort but as I've recently got into using oils I had to give this a try. Now this doesn't actually smell of rose, or anything for that matter - it's pretty much scent-less which I was a little sad about. On the skin however, this feels incredibly rich and nourishing, and only a little is needed. I apply in the evenings and it leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy the next day, with no dryness in sight. I'm still currently testing this product, so expect a more in-depth post on it soon!

Which rose products are your favourite?

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