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The Blogger Diaries | Lpage Beauty

As my first post in this series wasn't a total flop, I'm back again as promised for another edition!

You may of seen my previous post with Fran but today I'm interviewing Leanne from Lpagebeauty who I've been following and admiring for so long now. Hers was one of the first blogs I began to read and have watched her following (and makeup collection) grow and grow ever since. She still manages to amaze me posting 4 times a week as well as being a Mum of two. Hope you enjoy getting to know her a little more!

What first attracted you to join the blogging world?
I started blogging around 2 years ago and it was actually because I was bored. I've always been passionate about beauty and I used to spend hours reading reviews on the Boots website, and through that I found blogs which I loved reading. So after I had my son and was a stay at home mum, I decided to start a blog and haven't looked back.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Reading my comments! I love reading comments from lovely people, it always makes me smile. And just making content that people enjoy.

What would you say is the most difficult thing about blogging?
I'd say the technical side, like codes and SEO. I didn't even know what SEO was until a year into blogging, I'm still not even really sure haha! It took me a good month to figure out how to set up my custom domain name!

What are your favourite brands that you've discovered through blogging?
I've discovered so many brands because of blogging so this is so hard. Colourpop is one of them for sure. I definitely wouldn't own any Colourpop if it wasn't for blogging. Also Salon science which is one of the best haircare brands I've tried.

In an average month, how much would you normally spend on beauty products?
Ahhh I can't believe you've asked this haha! Too much! But truthfully a good £200 a month. I hope my husband doesn't read this haha.

What is your favourite type of beauty product and which do you own the most of?
My favourite is foundations and I own a lot of them. I think your foundation is your base and if that doesn't look right then the rest of your makeup won't, so I'm on a mission to find the perfect one. I also have a soft spot for palettes and my collection is getting a bit out of control.

If you could only use one drugstore brand for the rest of your life which would it be?
This is another tough one. There are so many amazing drugstore brands out there now, but I think it would be L'Oreal. Their foundations and mascaras are some of my favourites.

On average, how long would it take you to get ready for a night out?
Preparation for a night out starts the night before. I tan and paint my nails the night before, but doing my hair and makeup I like to allow a good 2-3 hours.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far when it comes to blogging?
 I haven't won any awards or anything, but I have been featured in the Bloglovin' newsletter a few times.

Do you have any tips on how to juggle a blog around your life?
Having a life and blogging is so hard. I don't know how people who work full time do it! But for me it's definitely being organised. If I know I have plans when I normally write a post I try to make extra time for it. I also invested in a soft box which has made taking photos so much easier. I can now do it when I want which has taken the pressure off loads.

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