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Things I've learnt from Blogging

As a new year has begun and the festive season is now sadly over, I thought I would reflect on my time blogging over the past year. I'm learning and growing each day and would still class myself as a beginner, but these are some factors that I feel I have improved on:

Creating an engaging post
I feel like in the year I've been blogging I've learnt the do's and dont's when it comes to writing up an engaging post. What readers are looking for and want to know, plus making sure to include anything relevant such as links and swatches which I never used to do. I've never had an issue with writing as it's always come pretty naturally to me, but I have definitely learnt how to structure and present everything more professionally and not to ramble on too much. I'm not going to lie I don't have a clue about SEO and HTML and have never really used them, it's still something I need to get into if I want my blog to grow.

Finding my feet in photography 
As you may or may not be able to tell, I'm still trying to develop a style when it comes to photography. I'm still relatively new to using props and accessories to enhance the photos overall appearance and making products look more appealing. I know that I like to keep my photos fairly minimalistic but with a pop of colour somewhere (which is actually unintentional but I've just realised I always do it). I like switching up between flatlays and using depth of field focusing on one product so nothing is too 'samey' and think I'm finally getting the hang of making decent set ups now. I'm still using my phone which I have been from the very start but I've definitley got the hang of getting the best photo I can from an iPhone with the help from lighting and editing.

The importance of Social Media
A lot of time goes into post planning, typing, photography, editing, proof reading then there's the sharing, social media and interacting aspect of it all which comes after. At the beginning I didn't share anywhere (as I didn't know how to) and I didn't have any social media account except Bloglovin'. Now from having a Twitter account dedicated to my blog, I know that it plays a major part in sharing and interacting with other bloggers. My Instagram account has more recently become important for promoting and sort of advertising, as well as sharing some extra content that doesn't make the blog. Although I've not got to know loads of people yet through social media, the opportunity is always there to network and engage with others and make friends.

Standing Out
I've learnt that it's good to stand out but not to try to be the best, or compete with other bloggers. The blogging world is very supportive and inspiring, but it can also be hard to look unique amongst so many creative people. I think developing your own style in terms of writing and photography, as well as showing personality is the best way you can stand out - by just being yourself, and not trying too hard. Although I don't have a massive following, it doesnt affect what I'm doing and what I'm posting as it's still a hobby for me and I'm enjoying where I'm going.

Cally x