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Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette | First Impressions & Swatches

I've got my hands on one of these heavenly palettes and I've been looking forward to sharing some pictures and swatches of it - introducing the Ultra Pro Glow Palette from Makeup Revolution. When I first saw this release only a couple of months ago I instantly fell for its soft pastel colours and subtle shimmer. I have a thing for powder palettes in particular as they're so quick to use and handy to have everything all in one place. Although I'm not actaully huge on the whole highlighting / strobing thing as I don't like my skin to look overly glowy, shiny or oily, I do enjoy using it for the inner corners of my eyes and down the bridge of my nose.

This is Makeup Revolutions highest priced palette but at just £10 it isn't exactly going to break the bank. It includes 8 pro powder highlight shades although I don't agree that the majority of them could be used as a highlighter - for me anyway. As I'm quite fair skinned there's only really 2 shades I can use for highlighting, the rest are lovely as blush and bronze shades. I feel like the top row of shades are more suitable for paler skin tones and the bottom for medium-dark as it's a little more vibrant and warmer. The formula of these powders seem different to others from Makeup Revolution as in comparison  they feel really soft, rich and creamy. I find that they are much more blendable than the other highlight palettes too, leaving a subtle yet radiant glow. The fine powder has a satin finish to it, that doesn't contain large glitter particles so isn't over the top glittery or tacky looking.

Swatched from Left - Right

Top Row

The first shade is cool-toned and almost silver coloured. It's the perfect highlight shade for me

The second shade has a fair peach flush to it which could be used as a blush for paler skin tones.

The third shade is a soft, neutral brown colour which has a golden tint to it.

The fourth is a darker, more intense version of the previous and makes for a lovely bronzer.

Bottom Row

The first shade is light and yellow-toned which looks radiant on the skin.

The second is a cool-toned pink shade which makes a lovely blusher colour.

The third is a peachy bronze shade which would suit a highlight for darker skin tones.

The fourth is a rich and intense, warm bronze shade which has a golden glow to it.

I would say that considering this is specifically a 'highlighting' palette that for paler skin tones, it could pass off as a highlight, blusher and bronzer palette but for medium-dark there would be more choice with which to use as an actual highlight shade. The quality however is really impressive, super soft and professional feeling. It's also dreamy to look at and you can't argue that any of the shades aren't pretty. I don't think there's any 'dud' shades that lack in quality compared to others - they're all pretty similar.

What do you think about this palette? Is it on your wishlist?

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