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Brussels Photo Diary

Last weekend I made a last-minute short trip to the capital of Belgium; Brussels!
I'd never been to Belgium before but knowing European countries I knew I wouldn't feel too lost or out of place - plus, it was only an hour and 5 minute journey from Manchester. I did a bit of research before hand on popular places to eat and drink, and top attractions so I kind of knew what I was doing and where I was going. I drank flavoured beers, ate numerous Nutella covered waffles and walked, A LOT. It was a really lovely weekend and I would definitely go back! I think 3 days was plenty of time to see the whole city and I don't really feel like I missed out on anything apart from 'Mini Europe' which I didn't get chance to go to. Although not pictured (as you get your phone taken off you) I also experienced Brussels Escape Hunt which was conveniently right behind my hotel, which was also enjoyable but challenging. I can't say too much as it will ruin anyone's experience but it was definitely a fun activity for a rainy day! Here's my photos from the weekend:

Have you ever been to Brussels? What did you think?