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Winding down after work

The favourite part of my day (and I'm sure you will all agree) is getting home after a long and tiring day at work. With the nights drawing closer and closer each day it's the perfect excuse to get your pyjamas on at 6pm, grab that fluffy blanket and give yourself some tlc. It's so important to de stress after work and have yourself a little routine to look forward to, so that's why I'm sharing a few of the things that I like to do to help me wind down through the week.

As it's very much acceptable to do so now, I have all the lights switched off and candles lit as soon as I'm home. I just love the cosy atmosphere it creates, as well as the heavenly aromas. I recently picked up a few Christmassy ones from Home Sense and TK Maxx which smell amazing, such as Cranberry & Fig which I can't wait to light. I could spend hours browsing around their candle aisles, seriously.
When it comes to evening skincare I've been loving using these new Charcoal face masks* from 7th Heaven. They are fuss-free and easy to peel off which is extra handy when you're feeling a bit lazy after a tiring day. There's also a 100ml tube available which is even more fuss-free and a little less messy too! It leaves your skin feeling all clean and polished, without even having to wash or rinse it.
I also try to paint my nails once a week to keep them looking fresh, usually towards the end of the week before the weekend arrives. The ones I mainly reach for are the Barry M Molten Metal nail paints (you might already know from my Instagram that I love these) particularly shades 'Copper Mine' and 'Pink Ice' - something a bit sparkly for the festive season too.

I look forward to having a nice warm shower in the evenings with the recent chill in the air. I recently picked up the Imperial Leather shower creams in scents Cherry Bakewell and Strawberry and Vanilla which definitely make my showers more comforting. I do wish I was someone who could relax in a colourful Lush filled bath with a glass of rosé on the side but to be honest, I just can't be bothered, especially after work. Showers all the way and I'll save the full bottle for the weekend thank you!
After my shower always follows a hot drink, which 99% of the time will be green tea. I find it so relaxing to have before bed, and it warms me right up! My favourites to drink are the Twinings Salted Caramel and Fudge Melt flavours, they're so delicate tasting and smell really good too.
And who doesn't love fresh sheets and pyjamas? There's nothing like the feel of clean cotton on your clean skin as well as some fluffy socks to keep your toes warm. This is the ultimate way to end your busy day, ensuring you get the best sleep possible ready for a brand new day.

How do you like to wind down?

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