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Blogging on a budget

you may of noticed by now that I don't tend to frequently splash out on fancy or expensive things. For me personally it's not a necessity and I like to keep it as a luxury rather than the norm. Of course it's not a bad thing for those who like their high end brands, but for those on a budget those products can sometimes be a little out of reach.
When it comes to blogging on a budget, trying to make your drugstore products look pretty and appealing for blog posts can be a struggle, as well as generating the ideas about them in the first place! I've got a few ways to share that make it more than possible to do:

As I don't have a huge collection of products, I like to make sure I'm always mixing things up and not repeating myself. For example if I have some lipsticks that I particularly like, they can feature in multiple posts for different purposes such as a review with swatches, drugstore lipsticks or even a favourites post. I try and categorise products to generate new ideas so that I'm not thinking 'I've already spoke about that on my blog' - this way I find lots of different post ideas that just one product can feature in. Some examples: pink products, natural products, quick & easy products, affordable products, under-hyped products and so on.

When buying products I always bare offers in mind. 3 for 2 offers are the most common across the drugstore but it's good to browse around different stores first to see if there are any better ones available. I always forget that Asos now stock some really good beauty brands, and if you have access to a student discount code you can get 10-20% off depending on current offer. A few websites offer a discount on your first purchase with them too such as Fabled which is good to bare in mind!

To keep things varied I always make sure I'm including other categories within my blog such as lifestyle, travel and baking. Some of these ideas won't even cost you a penny but will depend on your writing to bring the readers in. Think of what you have to offer - your experiences, your interests, your photography - not everyone has the same knowledge as you do and may just love to read all about it! Other free and popular posts include tips & tricks, how to's and posts offering your advice (notice how this post in itself is a prime example). I find if you have a catchy post title and are covering a generally popular subject then you will draw the readers in.

Working with brands is another great way to generate content. You get fresh, new products to try, photograph and review and they get the exposure - it's a win-win for both of you! Don't be afraid to ask a brand if they are interested in working with you. If you have a good amount of content and hard work behind you, then chances are they might just love to! As long as you aren't just in it for the freebies and are willing to dedicate some of your time to the brand, you can build up a good relationship and even go on to working with them again.

How do you blog on a budget?

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