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Tips & Tricks on perfecting your base

Almost a year ago now I published a post on How to achieve a flawless base and I remember it being really popular around the time. A little cringey looking back at the post now but I still stand by the steps mentioned. I've since learnt a few more tips and tricks through blogging and youtube on perfecting your base that really come in use to me. Again I use all of these methods too, so all have been tried, tested and approved!

Press the product in
Using my damp Real Techniques sponge is my favourite way to apply makeup, but I don't just simply bounce it over my skin. With this technique you really want to press and push the product in, to make it become a part of the skin rather than just sit on top of it. This is even more important if you are layering products, for example if you require more foundation plus concealer on top.

Use a small stippling brush
For uneven skin surfaces e.g fine lines, pores, acne scarring and even spots it can be difficult to make everything appear seamless. Using a small stippling brush for these pesky areas works wonders, and I find especially around the nose area to get into the pores. I always found it difficult when it came to applying foundation to my nose area but with this trick it's changed everything!

Apply concealer directly to the sponge
Rather than using your concealer wand to directly contribute the product from the tube to your face, apply to your sponge or brush and then work it in. I find when swiping a wand across your face it actually slightly removes some of the foundation you've spent time working on. It's also more hygienic this way, especially when it comes to applying on blemishes.

Don't over-do the powder
Touching up on the first tip, you also want to press the powder in with a sponge. It's tempting to use as much as you can to secure everything in place, but the best way to avoid that cakey look is to be sparing with it. Press it in under the eyes and oily areas, but lightly dust over the rest of the face for the perfect, flawless base.

I hope these tips & tricks have been of some use and that you find them to work! Please let me know if you have any other tips below

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