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Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | First Impressions

I feel like I've been the only one in the world not to try or talk about this Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer so now is finally my chance! I picked this up just last week and I've used it for 3 days in a row now, which I think is a sufficient amount of time to be able to share my first impressions on it.

The shade I chose was obviously the lightest shade (01 fair) because let's face it I'm never going to be able to buy anything darker than white. I remember when I was obsessed with how bright the NYX HD Concealer was and went around Boots comparing it next to other concealer shades, and this looked yellow in comparison. That's why I never picked it up. But, when it arrived last week it actually looked perfect for my skin tone and not yellow whatsoever. Actually more of a pink - I'm blaming the lighting in boots! It's super bright which is perfect for highlighting particularly with my skin tone.

This comes in a small plastic tube which I quite like. I don't really like glass bottles for liquid products as you can't seem to get every last bit out (I usually snip the tube and transfer the product into a pot). There's 6.5ml of product inside which is quite a small amount, but I'm not quite sure if a little goes a long way with this just yet. The wand is handy but doesn't grab a lot of product so I find myself having to dip it in a fair few times to get the amount I desire.

This is said to last for up to 16 hours, but it doesn't actually specify on what kind of formula or finish it has apart from long-wearing. After a couple of uses I came to realise it was quite mattifying - which I like. The formula is quite thin, not too thick or cakey and I also haven't found it to oxidize yet, although my swatches below prove otherwise. I have to say I did slightly struggle blending this out as it dries so quickly, not majorly but it did require a bit of work. The end result however I was really pleased with. It leaves my face looking really bright and highlighted where needed but also has a good amount of coverage.

Overall, I'm really happy with the shade match, it's brightening and not too yellow-toned. I would prefer it to be in a squeezy tube so I could get more out but I guess it's less messy this way. I like how long-lasting it is but I do find it slightly more difficult to blend compared to more creamy concealers. The coverage is also really good, just what I need and it's working well for me at the minute! I find it has similar qualities to concealers such as the NYX HD Concealer as well as MAC Pro Longwear.  I think this is definitely one for either normal or oily skin as it could be too drying for other skin types. For the price it's amazing value though, at just £4.19 you can't complain really!

Swatches from top to bottom;
Concealer after drying
Concealer when freshly applied

What do you think of this concealer?

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